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    we are looking for water resistant stickers to put inside electrical compartments of units that are outside. our regular stickers dont last outdoors. does anyone make something we could write on with a fine sharpie marker and have it hold up to the weather?

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    Used your regular stickers but then cover it with the clear plastic self adhesive laminating sheets you get from the office suply stores. As far as writing stuff on it you could used a permanent marker but don't think that will last too long. I always put a sticker on the breaker panel in the house as it is something I'm going to look at everytime anyways.

    By the way, you spelled maintenance wrong

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    We use tags. They're waterproof and you can write on them with sharpie, pen or pencil. Also with a tag you use both sides for more info. There is a wire to hang it on stuff with. I remove the wire if the box is too full of exposed wires and terminals lest the wire short something in there. I'm not sure who we get them from but any print shop should be able to do this for you.

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    Look at Grainger, they carry all types of PM type stickers.

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    You can check out Seton Identification Products @

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