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    My neighbor just got back from Iraq today.He left last year just after Christmas,he left his wife and two children to serve his country.He is also a sheriff's deputy who risk's his life every day to keep our community safe.I started this thread to let everyone on this website thank him and to let him know how much we appreciate his sacrifice to his country.
    His name is Matt,and he is a true hero.Please post your thanks,and I will print it out and deliver it to him personally.

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    Thank you Matt for serving your country and helping to protect all of us. I am glad you are back home safe. Best wishes to you and your family from me and my family.

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    Originally posted by Don Sleeth Thank you Matt for serving your country and helping to protect all of us. I am glad you are back home safe. Best wishes to you and your family from me and my family. don
    Short and to the point; thank you from another don

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    Thank you so much, Matt, for the personal sacrifice that you have made with your time and family, so that we all might live in freedom.

    God Bless you and your family, God Bless America, and Welcome Home!
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    Thanks for your service to our country and your community.


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    Thanks much to you and all of our brave soldiers.

    My brother is due back in the states in 6 days for 2 weeks R&R. As a family member sitting on the sidelines watching the soldiers they have thuroughly impressed me with thier morale and commerodery. It is truly commendable what you guys do and the country owes a great deal of gratitude to you all.

    America salutes you!
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    Thank You Matt,

    I'm proud of all our servicemen and women who would give up their valuable freedom and even those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, to bring the same liberty that we enjoy to those who have never known it.

    David "Otto" Weddell

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    Thanks Matt,

    For your personal sacrifice. You and all the others have certainly given us a step up on terrorism.

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    Hi, Matt! We're glad you're back safe'n'sound. It's guys like yourself who stand in the gap for free people everywhere and we owe you more than we can repay. A huge thanks to you and your family for your sacrifices.

    BTW, my son is a deputy sheriff in TX and I hear some really scary stuff from him. It really makes me edgy about his job so I can relate to your family. Thanks again for hangin' your life out there so that the rest of us can sleep at night.

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    For those who have fought for it, freedom has a sweetness the protected will never know.

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    Thanks Matt and all the soldiers and vets out there. My family really appreciates what you've done for us. I may not always agree with the choices made by the government but I'll always support the USA esspecially the soldiers that fight or fought or simply served to keep us free.

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    Kevin, one of our service techs, is in the National Guard. His unit is expected to be called up on Aug.15th. He has already gone up to Fort Drum for his pre-physical and to make a will.

    Vermont has lost more soldiers per capita than any other State in this Iraqi War. A sad satistic.

    Unlike the Vietnam War, we as a Nation must never forget that we where attacked by this enemy. If left unchecked we would be dodging car bombs in our city streets. Letting this become a political issue is dishonoring our Troops

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    Thanks a bunch Matt, glad ya made it home safe.
    I don't agree with Beenies last statement but none the less our boys are doing a great job in very bad situation.
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    Welcome back Matt,
    You deserve a great deal of respect and gratitude.
    Ignore as best you can the political circus, your
    service protected them.

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