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Thread: appliance guys?

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    Having my new washer worked on right now. Frigidaire stack unit. Combined price for washer and dryer was 1400 dollars. Wouldn't go into final spin. The electronic speed control wasn't receiving a the feedback signal from the variable speed motor and transmitting it to the electronic timer. All three components are matched so all three have to be changed as a set. Unit has one year parts and labor. Bought it last July 24. Usally my luck runs the other way. I think I'll purchase the extended warrenty offered.

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    Dice sent a pic of his washer to help us diagnose it

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    You guys are about as funny as a fart in a spacesuit, and just as helpful too. I just leave the extra spin sw off and it works. I will fix it myself someday, if I have to change every part to do so.
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    Originally posted by Diceman Maytag washer, few years old, nice unit so far. I notice every so often doesn't spin out final rinse, the extra rinse cycle I mean you have to select.
    Does it stop at the point of spin or does it advance to the timer off possition when it acts up?

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    Need a little more info, what's the model #? Is the extra rinse switch one of the rotary type or is this touch pad? How old? Will most likely NOT be the timer. DEFINETELY IS NOT the tranny. The most common problem those washer have is if they are rotary type switch, switch is going bad, contacts inside are corroded and just replace switch, if it is the touch pad same thing, just more expensive.

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    Oh and one more thing. Maybe it's one of the newer all electronic circuit board timer, switching, double looped feedback circuit full rinse partial soap with humidity sensitivity control.

    If so, unplug the thing, and remove all the wires and the circuit board and soak the circuit board in a mixture of distilled vinegar and one part Jack Daniels. It always works for me.

    BTW, what color is it?
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    Listen closely Dice


    BTW: My Dad was an appliance tech.

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    It's the blower motor. Just replace it. As a matter of fact just start replacing parts 1 at a time till it's fixed.

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    Originally posted by freezone
    You need to call a pro. No DIYer's here! Read the forum rules!! Before you get kicked outta here!

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    If it only acts up with EXTRA RINSE selected, and the timer advances to STOP, then it probably is the rinse selector switch.
    Otherwise I still think it is the timer...

    Isn't being a DIYer fun...

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    I think I will change all the parts just to be sure.
    WH, it is a push button sw, it fills on that last, extra rinse cycle but then doesn't spin out. I think I will start with that switch.
    The washer is white, so I need a white switch, right????
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    In as much as you are experiencing all this corrosion of your electronic control components it sounds to me like you have to install a 5-ton Liebert Computer Room evironmental system in your laundry room. 14 grand give or take. (oops sorry no prices)

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    That seems like a fair price.
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