Went to do a PM today. EAC is out of commission and customer decides on the Honeywell media. Checked blower, it's caked so I pull it to clean. Looked up through furnace to check evap and find that the insulation came loose and is now blocking 50% of a 5 ton coil. Customer is there the whole time asking "Why didn't anyone else ever notice this?". We have been doing the PM's there for years.

Furnace is 15 years old and will require extensive repairs so we decide to just put it back together for now. It pisses me off that this has been overlooked for so long. I know this didn't just happen. I just hope it doesn't all come down on my butt for doing my job. When I do a PM I check everything that needs checking. If a blower is dirty I pull it for cleaning and I always look up at the evap. Maybe I need to lower my standards and just do a 15 minute PM.