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Thread: Speeding

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    A guy gets pulled over for speeding.

    Cop: Can I see your license please?

    Driver: I don't have a license, it was suspended when I got pulled over for my last DUI.

    Cop: Can I see your registration?

    Driver: Sorry, but I stole this car and don't have the papers, although I think I saw them in the glove box when I put the gun in there.

    Cop: You have a gun in the glove box?

    Driver: Yes, I used it to kill the person I stole this car from.

    Cop: You killed someone?

    Driver: Yes, and I put her in the trunk, then put the gun in the glove box.

    The cop hurridly calls for backup and the Sergeant approaches the man in the car.

    Sergeant: Sir, can I see your driver's license?

    Driver: Certainly, here you go.

    Sergeant: Can I see the registration of this stolen car?

    Driver: This car is mine, and here are the papers.

    Sergeant: Can you please open the trunk?

    Driver: Sure, here you go. (the trunk is empty)

    Sergeant: I'm sorry, but the officer that pulled you over said you killed someone and put the gun in the glove box and the body in the trunk and that the car was stolen.

    Driver: Yea, and that lying SOB probably said I was speeding too!

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    You're a regular Milton Berle

    Swany posted this one May 25, 2001.

    ie It was a standing joke that Milton Berle would steal anyone's jokes

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    kinda like

    what goes around, comes around. I took it off an email I got from a guy in Chicago. My apologies to swany.

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