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    Linda Ronstadt championed Michel fat boy Moore on stage in Vegas. She was roundly booed of stage fired and escorted of premises and banned from the Aladdin. GOOD FOR TIMMINS THE OWNER OF ALADIN.

    Growing up I had the biggest crush (read hard on) for Linda remember her picture on the cover of Rolling Stone. It rally saddens me that she is such a poor thinker that she believes and accepts moores drivel.

    There have been so many entertainment types that I like and enjoy their talents that I can no longer enjoy because of their stupidity.
    I don't mind that they have different opinions to mine or that they are so liberal. What I do mind is that they have to open their mouths and talk about it in the public arena.
    Most have little if any real intelligence minimal education other than the arts. They have for the most part never held a job of significance run a company produced anything of tangible value. The have nothing to base their remarks on except for their total disdain of President Bush.

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    The really sad thing is people listen to their opinion just because of who they are. He/she was great in that one movie, she must be right. I'll vote their way 'cause they're so "hot". Gimme a break.
    Love thy neighbor and no running during tornado drills

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    Well here's more for ya

    -- At a John Kerry fundraiser July 8, Whoopi Goldberg delivered several crude puns on Bush's name. Complaints led to Goldberg's firing as a Slim-Fast spokeswoman and admonishments from both parties.

    -- At a concert July 14, rocker Ozzy Osbourne sang 'War Pigs' while projecting an image of Bush with Adolf Hitler. After complaints, it was dropped from shows.

    -- Hip-hop artist Jadakiss' hit 'Why' blames Bush for 9/11. He sings: "Why did Bush knock down the towers?" Some radio stations have edited out the line.

    No I gotta burn all my Ozzy CD's Cassettes, and Records!(remember those things).

    No more Whoopi for me

    I don't even know who Jadakiss is, so F@#% 'm

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    Add Bonnie Rait to the list of Al-Qida well wishers,
    Shes over in sweden trashin the president.
    If you cant fix it right, try again.

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    I didn't know about Bonnie she is one of the few Country singer I actually liked. You would think from the reaction of the County Music fans to the Ditzy Chicks she would know better.

    It is getting to the point that I can only watch old movies and listen to old music. Well I do that anyway but there are some new movies I like and some coming out I would like to see.

    I am heartened that these entertainment types are beginning to feel repercussion for there actions. I am not sure but wasn't whoopis show on NBC canceled; I sent enough E-mail to NBC and its local affiliate. It was probably canceled just because it was no good but she did blast the president allot.

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    Originally posted by classical

    Growing up I had the biggest crush (read hard on) for Linda remember her picture on the cover of Rolling Stone.

    This should ease your achey-breaky...

    Or maybe not

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