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Thread: OT pay???

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    My base for my guys is anything over 40 is 1.5 overtime, with the exception of, if they bill someone overtime they get paid for that time overtime. No matter how many hours they have.

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    Sounds about 50/50 for "the right way" compared to "the other way". It seems like places where the CFO has too much input to the "bottom line" or where the boss is out to take advantage of his employees, is the "after 40 policy". I used to be a moldmaker where 55 hours per week was normal...that trade changed to "after 8 per day" along time ago and is still a non-union trade. What excuse could an owner have for not paying a guy who worked overtime(over 8 hours or late into the night) other than "that's the way it is"???

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    Originally posted by bbmt
    How about the boss who runs you 12-14 hours a day the first part of the week to catch up then sends you home early on thursday regardless of outstanding work because the CFO decided no overtime this week?
    Time to find a new job

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