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    HVAC replacement configurations

    I have to replace the HVAC (heat pump) system that services my upstairs: 4BR/2 full baths in about 1200 sq. ft.
    Existing system is ancient (maybe as much as 30 yrs old); squirrel cage is broken, and there may be some bearing issues.

    I've gotten three quotes (all are new r410a refrigerant systems) as follows:


    1. The American Standard model number for the indoor unit is 4TEE3F31B1 and the model number for the outdoor unit is 4A6H5024E1 with the following ratings: 13 EER, 15.25 SEER and 8.6 HSPF.
    2. The air handler is variable speed.
    3. The compressor is a reciprocating compressor.
    4. The digital thermostat is American Standard #401. To upgrade to a programmable thermostat it would be an additional $110.00 and the model number is ACONT802AS32DA.
    5. The system has electronic demand defrost.
    6. The heat strips are staged, 8KW.
    7. The price quoted in the contract includes modification ductwork if needed and a replacement pad if needed.
    8. The quote does not include a new line set. A new line set is $425.00 installed.


    * Outdoor unit: Model #4TWX5024A1
    * Variable speed indoor air handler: Model #4TEE3F31B1
    * With scroll compressor
    * Honeywell Pro 6000 programmable thermostat (I assume this is the "FocusPro")
    * Electric backup heat at 5KW and not staged
    * "I think 2 tons will work fine, you will get more heat and cooling with a 15 SEER over a 7 SEER unit" (quotation is by the contractor)
    * 10 yr Trane warranty on teh compressor/5 yr Trane warranty on parts/2 yr parts and labor warranty by the contractor


    * outdoor Heil unit: #H4H424GKD
    * indoor Heil air handler: #FVM4X24OOA
    * "I feel 2-ton will do your upstairs real well." Also, the supply and return ducts are sized for two tons of air"
    * Backup heat strips at 10KW and not staged
    * new line set and all necessary duct changes
    * programmable thermostat (i'm waiting on the model number)
    * warranty: 5 yr on compressor; 1 yr parts; 2 yrs labor

    I would appreciate comments about the relative merits of these systems/brands/configurations.

    Thanks very much in advance.

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    The Trane and American Standard quotes are pretty similar equipment wise. The Trane XLi will be quieter than the American Standard, but neither is particularly loud. The scroll in the XLi is nice to have, and the 6000 thermostat is programmable while the one in the American Standard bid is not (I would opt for the 802 programmable if you go with A/S -- and same for the Trane, just a nicer thermostat). I think the 8 kW staged heat strips are a good idea and would bring this to the Trane dealer's attention. All in all, I would try to get similar or identical equipment between the two bids with the only difference being the name plate (A/S and Trane are mechanically identical).

    The Heil is from their premium line, not their base line, and it's decent equipment as well. Surprised it doesn't have a 10 year compressor warranty -- that's something I would check into. Same with the 10 kW heat strips when others are quoting 5 and 8.

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    Thanks for the helpful comments and for taking the time to post.

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    Wrong air handler, why not go with a 4TEE3C03A1
    16.00 SEER 13.50 EER 9.0HSPF the air handler is a communicating air handler but will work with XL15i and should be matched with a TCONT802 Thermostat

    I would look at the XL16i, the rebates are higher and it will meet the federal tax credits with 17.00 SEER 13 EER and 9.0HSPF but will have two stages of heating and cooling which is always recommened and typically the upgrade cost to go to a 16i is not much over a 15i($500-$800 depending on area and contractor)

    Don't forget to look into extended warranties on the units should be up to 12 year parts, labor and compressor.

    On a side note, did they all do load calculations measuring windows and checking insulation values or did the just guess. I like Trane equipment and have been a Trane comfort specialist for 10 years but the Trane guy doesn't sound very knowledgeable, If you do go with Trane maybe get a second quote from a comfort specialist with NATE certified technicians.

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    Yea, skip #2. His comment about more heat from the 15 SEER vs the 7 SEER may not be right. The 47 heating capacity is 24,000 BTU which is likely what the oldie is, if not more.

    Also his Trane assuming you meant to type 24 instead of 42 has the same recip compressor as the American Standard.

    Not sure where you got the info on the A-S. The 8kw heat kit is not staged. All 8kw comes on at once unless he is adding a 2nd contactor and doing some creative engineering not sanctioned by the factory!

    Personally I like scrolls so probably would lean towards the Heil for that reason. Also that unit has Copeland's Comfort Alert diagnostics module, high & low pressure switches, 2 speed fan motor. The Heil has a 10 year parts warranty to original owner, like the others, but has a 5 year unit replacement policy if the comp fails, the A-S and Trane do not. So does the Heil dealer not know his product's warranties?

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    Hmmm. "I think..." is bad. If they have to guess at what you need, they're not good enough to install a system in MY house. I don't know about yours. I attached a little primer for you to evaluate your options. I encourage you not to skimp. You'll live with your mistakes a long, long time if you stay in the home. Take your time, do your research and choose wisely with knowledge, and just "I think this company is best". What if you guess wrong?
    If YOU want change, YOU have to first change.

    If you are waiting for the 'other guy' to change first, just remember, you're the 'other guy's' other guy. To continue to expect real change when you keep acting the same way as always, is folly. Won't happen. Real change will only happen when a majority of the people change the way they vote!

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