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    That everyday you read about a homicide/suicide bombing somewhere.

    Just where the hell do these people keep getting the stuff to make these bombs? Christ are they that easy to make?

    On another note, when a military person gets killed from a roadside bombing, why is that Bush's fault? I mean seriously.

    Why doesnt the media report on these NUTS that actually DO the bombing?

    If God is our Father, I know of no father that wants to kill his children.

    Those radical Muslims are evil, pure and simple.
    I pray not for an easy life but that I be a strong person.

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    Get the book; Tea With Terrorists.

    As far as how easy it is to make a bomb, the truth is "it's too easy".
    Ever hear of the anarchist cook book? It tells all.

    If a person has hatred in their heart .... hateful things is how they will act out their lives.

    If they dont fear God, they will live however they wish.

    However, when a person does fear God, and they do beleive there is responsibility to go along with the freedom we experience here in America ... they will live accordingly.
    And a free man does not feel the need to go around bombing other people like that.

    We were attacked! They brought it here. Now we're taking it there.
    We're messing up their supply lines.
    We're disrupting their comfort zone.

    Only time will tell if we are sucessful or not.

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    Why bother reading. Just look at a couple of hollywood movies. They give you all kinds of ideas how to make practical cheap bombs.
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