Hello There
I am seeking a HVAC apprenticeship in the tidewater area of Virginia. I will be starting my ac classes(Air 111 & Air 121) at Tidewater Community college in the middle of August. I will be finishing up my prerequiste class at the end of this month.
I plan on taking the EPA CFC exam within the next month.
I am forty years old and am presently working as a warehouse/delivery driver for a HVAC/plumbing company (Curtis Key) and I also work part time as a delivery driver for Papa Johns pizza. I was downsized three years ago and have had to start a new career, many friends have suggested HVAC as a good career choice. I have been reading the posts in the forums and
have decided that HVAC is for me.I have about a year of experence(on and off) in this field,I am a good worker looking for a professional career with dignity and respect and a liveable wage.Contact me via email at Bainzane@erols,com and I will send you my resume.Thank you for your time.