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Thread: This SUCKS

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    do you think the world is ready to put a ***** in the top seat?

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    Kerry's not a dangerous man. Gore is and so is Hillary.

    The initial cost of 9-11 is NOTHING compared to what one of those two in Washington would do to this Country!

    Those are two very dangerous people.

    Because they are evil.

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    You don't think that Kerry is evil if anything I think he is worse then either Clintons or Gore.
    Remember he will sell out anyone at any cost to gain an advantage. Any man or woman that would come home from combat and immediately give aid and comfort to the enemy as he did just to make a name for himself now that is evil.

    Gore has an Ideology he is the epitome of a radical tree hugger and poor man wannabe.
    Hillary is strictly a socialist!
    No doubt either would sell there soul for political gain but Kerry will sell your soul and protect his own.

    What I wish for is for Cheney to resign from the race and for G.W. to replace him with Condi Rice so she and Hillary could duke it out for 2008. That would be some show Hillary is smart but she is a low watt bulb compared to Condi.

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    Kerry is already a puppet.

    "Clinton backers forced the presidential candidate to ask if she would speak"

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