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    Workhorse, I thought the peeing trick was your secret remedy.
    "We are what we repeatedly do.
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    only for scorpions

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    Too many Black Widows to even count. We have had a bumper crop of them dam things this past year. I use to smash them with a tool or my boots, then with a gloved hand. Got bit about 10 years ago and now I smash them with my bare hand at first sight. Bastards will scurry away if you hesitate for a second and then you have to crawl under the house knowing they are right there somewhere. It freaks most folks out when you both see one, and I just reach right out and smash the bugger. I have a hooded sweatshirt just for those under the house jobs.

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    This isn't a HVAC story but it's close.

    I used to be the service manager for a local Dish Network company. They were the main RSP for Dish in the southeast. Anyways here's the story.
    Got a call for an upgrade from a Dish 300 to a Dish 500. I arrived at the call and found the dish itself mounted on the side of the eve of the house. So I preceded to grab the ladder, my tools, drill motor, signal meter and climb up to the dish to make the upgrade. I made it up to the dish and just as I went to undo the back bolts. Out of the corner of my eye something lunges at me. In the heat of the moment I didn't get a good look at it, only the fact it was coming at me. No matter of flailing arms or swatting helped. Down came all the tools, meter, drill motor. and finally myself 10ft into the top of the hedges out onto the ground. As I lay there looking at the sky I noticed this creature was stuck to the side of my face. And you ask after all this what caused me to utterly freak out, drop all my tools and myself? Big hairy jumping spider? Pissed off wasp, or hornet? No as a matter of fact it was a harmless slimy green tree frog.....Gotta love it.

    P.S. I've got more, hope you all like it.

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    Genetic memory of spiders?

    Being scared of spiders is a weird thing.

    I think it's programmed in for some people and animals. One day my son had a tarantula-sized fake spider in the kitchen. He set it down on the clear plastic fishtank cover. The fish freaked out -- from doing the stupid fish-in-the-tank nothing to swimming all over like they were being chased. Took the spider off, they stopped, put it on and they ran all over like their tails were on fire. Couldn't figure it, since they'd never seen a spider before. Something in the shape of it scared the he11 out of them.

    Nothing will get me out of a crawlspace faster.


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    I had a friend who had his own business. He had a call of a floor furnace pilot out. He crawled under the house to the furnace, but the crawl space was so small he could not turnover. So he had to come out and crawl on his back to the frunace. Just as he is getting his match out he fills a thump on his chest. He looks down and there is a trantula in the middle of the his chest. He said that he made record time getting out of that house. The HO calls the shop because Ray had blood coming down his face and had mumbled something as he left. It turns out what Ray had said was next time it is an Apprentices job. And until the day he retired he never went on a floor furnace job with out a helper.
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    Originally posted by HVAC Pro
    I see black widows in about half of the condensers or heat pump outdoor units I open. They aren't typically aggressive. In fact they usually find somewhere to hide. At one time spiders freaked me out. I've learned to deal with them after seeing them so often. I have never been bitten, but know the brown recluse can make a nasty mess out of flesh. Someone posted pictures here once of a bite.
    My husband got bit in his groin by one of those when he was cleaning out under a trailer or something... he was in the hospital with a temp of 107 deg (the doc's told him he shoulda been dead!) and it infected his whole left leg.. they thought they'd have to amputate it but thank goodness he had a doctor fight for him to keep it.. he did keep it but he's had nothing but problems with that leg ever since... he has a Greenfelt(sp??) filter in his vena cava and has major blood clots in his legs. He's still in HVAC too even though with his leg it bothers him when he kneels down, climbs ladders and walks up and down stairs a lot.. DUH!! you'd think he'd get out of this trade cuz he's gotta do all those things every day.... MEN!! j/k


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    Around Seattle I find that spiders direct vent gas fireplaces that aren't working properly because spiders have built a nest in either the pilot burner or main burner orifice. If it's is the pilot burner, the gas comes out the primary air source, and if it's the burner orifice, you usually get a very small main burner flame.

    One of the nice things about my fireplace business is that I'm no longer crawling around in basements and crawl spaces.

    Seattle Pioneer

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    Tinners wife rules!
    Thought my signature was good! Until I read hers!

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    Originally posted by 2story
    I was bit by a brown recluse, $1500.00 & a month of recovery and I was good as new, got me in the thigh, lots of pain, 1 surgery, stiches, and then waiting for things to heal back up so i could bend over without reopening the wound. amazing, little things do matter....

    I don't wanna know where that thing bit you.....

    gives me the heebie jeebies!

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    Geez, I thought that I was getting over my horrible fear of spiders. After reading all of this, I'm more freaked out than ever! Good thing I live in IN, where there aren't poisonous spiders. But those hairy wolf spiders are something else! I used to feel like a sissy girl for having these fears. I'm glad to know that there are grown MEN out there that share my phobia!

    Funny spider story (but not HVAC)... I spent Thanksgiving with my boyfriend and his parents in Indy. I was brushing my teeth, and I happened to look at my toothbrush holder which was on the counter. Guess what I saw sticking out of the hole? Yep, a LEG. Needless to say, I practically spit toothpaste all over the wall as I was screaming for my boyfriend to get upstairs and kill the beast. The toothbrush and the holder ended up in the trash. I'll stick my toothbrush in a ziplock bag from now on. I haven't seen a spider yet that could get into that! :-)

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    One particularly cold winter night I was awakened in the middle of the night by my son. I figured while I was up Id refill the wood stove and then the fire should still be burning in the morning. I put on the work pants from the floor beside the bed and felt a sting on my butt however I didnt think any more of it and filled the stove and went back to bed. Over the next few days bruising began and a circle appeared and grew larger. Went to the doctor and he said I had been bitten by a spider and gave me antibiotics and some cream. Used my calipers to keep track of the size of the circle and make sure it wasnt growing. If the antibiotics didnt work they would have had to cut the spot out. Of course word got around work that I had been bitten on the ass by a spider. My coworker (Harvey) was in the supply house one morning that I went in there and told everyone at the counter I had been bitten on the ass by a spider. I told them Im OK now, Im lucky to have friends like Harvey who sucked the poison out.

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    Baby snakes fall out of insulation on me in low craw.Worked with a possum in a craw for a week it was a long week got attack by a bat in a attic ok it was a fake bat they put it on a rope and pushed it at me not funny!!To many spiders to talk about.

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