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    Inexpierence or f%#k it attitude.
    Sometimes when I consider what tremendous consequences come from little things, I am tempted to think there are no little things!

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    Because they don't know how to use a thermometer.
    A Diamond is just a piece of coal, that made good under pressure!

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    It's that macho Frank Sinatra attitude of; "I did it MY way!"

    It's totally selfish!
    It makes it tough on everybody!
    We fight against this attitude everyday we are in the field. Cause there was always someone there before us who did it his way and screwed it up royally!
    And now we come along and we gota fix his screw ups as well as what was wrong in the begining!

    Humility is not a part of our job description when we are introduced to this industry. And employers certainly do not require it of their employees.
    It is just a part of some people's character and lacking in the character of others.
    Some are teachable and even share their trade skills with others. And some are NOT teachable and do not share with others.
    It all goes back to the sandbox in kindergarten. Some kids played well with others .... and some did not.

    And now, forty or fifty years later ... as adults .... (old habits are difficult to break)

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    The answer is "Ignorance". That is what drove the industry to create NATE certifications.

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    Originally posted by NormChris
    The answer is "Ignorance". That is what drove the industry to create NATE certifications.

    "Ignorance" ... Okay that would explain why a tech with 13 hours of field experience wouldnt respond the same way you or I would respond to a given situation.

    But when we've got techs with five or more years of actual hands on field experience who are installing sight glass's on cap tube systems ....
    And low pressure controls on cap tube systems ... and not for the purpose ofsaving the system from running in a vacuum ... but for temperature control!

    And guys not changing the oil in their vacuum pumps ... etc., etc.

    My gosh ... there are still men out there buying Dytel and injecting it into sealed systems!!! How can they even think they are doing anybody any service when they use that stuff?

    Thaw-Zone ....guys are using that stuff too!!!

    And their using six CFM vacuum pumps on a 1/4" charging hose!
    SIX CFM!!!

    I think you just cant teach an old dog new tricks! I think people level off at the amount of education they feel comfortable with and go flat-line from there!
    They just dont want to learn and grow any further!

    I'm fifty and I come here day and night to learn and to share knowledge.
    To stop learning is an admission of not wanting to contribute to this industry.
    And anyone who is not contributing is simply making a paycheck and is not really serious about their carreer.
    They are only here for the paycheck.
    And they dont need no body telling them how to do their job. Cause they already got their employer giving them afirmation by giving them a weekly check.

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