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    Angela is trying to find out how to produce a sculpture from frosted evap pipe also incorporating a sheeps heart ( don't ask!!) for display in London.Any advice as to calculating compressor required and regulation and also ensuring no liquid return!! Many thanks in anticipation, Norm

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    If she used my ex-wife's heart instead of the sheep's, she wouldn't need any refrigeration! Plenty of frost and cold, all by itself!
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    Bring any walk in freezer to the south (Georgia, Alabama, Carolina's and so on) and un-insulate the suction line. You will have all the frosted suction line sculpture's you need.

    Seriously, if I read between the lines in your post she wants to bend copper and shape the suction line thus creating a sculptured form using the frost still on the suction line. She will continue using this frosted form and needs the refrigeration system running to hold the form during the build and display process. So what ever you build will also need to be mobile.

    Is this correct?

    If it is not, it would be a heck of a second project.

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    I can see it now; "Frozen Forms" ... by Bob.

    Then I change my carreer from service tech over to creatig sculptures in copper tubing.

    Imagine brazing in several tx valves for various facial features.

    one valve for the mouth and nose assembly. One split for the ears and cheeks.
    Another for the head and neck.

    Then some light sheet copper for evenly forming the ice.

    hmmm.... not a bad cottage industry.

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    Check out this thread for some examples of sculptures.
    Not sure how to size these units, would require some research for that answer.You would need to know how many lineal feet of a particular sized tube you would need to make 1 sq. foot of external surface and the #'s to fill in this equation. Q= A x U X D
    Q= the quantity of heat transferred in btuh
    A= the outside surface of the evaporator
    U= the conductance factor of the tubing and fins if used
    D= TD between the ambient and the refrigerant temp
    OR not?

    This is according to Dossat, do a search on bare tube evaporator sizing, maybe there is something available that way.

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    I'd put a big accumulator on it too.

    I've just got to ask - Sheep's Heart? Why?

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