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    hi all, can somone tell me where too put my thermometer on the condenser line too get subcooling is it at the evap or at condeneser line by evap i mean before txv? thanks ken

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    In a nutshell, "you want to measure at the outlet of your condensor".

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    You can if you'd like measure it at both. And one great way to indicate if flash gas is present.

    More important here is, do you first understand why subcooling takes place and why it's important??

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    hi, thanks for reply, subcoolinng takes place too condence vapor back into liquid, is this right? this is what i was taught the man who taught me said this wre not too be concered with but i am finding out that they are thanks too this site also i do notr do ref all of the time as my job is a vending macanic with all diff types of troubleshooting including soda machines, frezzers, refridgeraters, salad bars, ice machines, please excuse my spelling. ken

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    HI KC8939
    All condensers are designed to do 3 things.
    1.Desuperheat 2. Condense (from a gas to a liquid) and 3. Subcool the liquid. The purpose of subcooling is to "Insure that only liquid enters the metering device."
    If not all liquid(flashing of gas prior to the metering device) will cut down the unit capacity. I agree w/R12rules reply. Good Luck...

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