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    Design a Power Vent

    We are in the process of designing a power vent system 1 for horizontal and 1 for vertical, does anyone have some good experiences with certain makes for direct vent fireplaces. Does any one have any nightmare experiences with certain designs. We want it simple and easy to install with no headaches .

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    Are you talking something like an 80% furnace? Or a ventor on the outside? Weather & temperatures will no doubt affect the system, not to mention the need for safeties - press. switch etc. (A rather large can of worms?)

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    Smile Design consultation contract

    Send me some contact info. where I can submit my contract for design consulting.

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    It depends on what kind of fireplaces you want. Heat & Glo just came out with a new inline power vent to eliminate the giant vent on the outside of the house. It only works on the new intellifire plus system though. Most of the other standard intellifire fireplaces can sue the good old PVK-80 power vent cap. We have not really have problems with any of them. Just make sure they are accessible for future repair work and read the directions ahead of time and plan accordingly.

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