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    having problems with a voyager destroying zone sensors. Found out that it was wired wrong on terminals 4 & 5, also someone had caulked up where the economizer was and it was letting condensation into economizer board. Which took out the big transformer. I temporarily unhooked the economizer for now and installed a new zone sensor. Tested all values while running and seem good. But was wondering if their could be any other thing to check.....

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    Traneman was nice enough to provide this link on a previous post. It may help you out. Anyone working on Voyagers should have a copy. I can't say I like the trane "sensor" thermostats. I'm glad they have the ability now to use either the sensor or a 24 volt thermostat. I used to include a CTI and conventional thermostat on many Voyager quotes and wonder how many jobs we lost from that.

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