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LOL! Are you the guy that I pass on 23 coming out of Delaware most mornings? If so, wave at the Custom Air truck headed north, that'll be me! Luckily I got all of my training from Angry Ben before the SSG merge so I was already comfortable with MOST of the calls that I was sent on.

If you're wanting to jump ship, I think we're looking for an experienced tech or two. One of our guys leaves for Afghanistan tomorrow and I'm on my way in July. Is CA perfect? No. Are they the highest paying company in central Ohio? No. Will they treat you like a human being? YES! Will they ASK you if you want to run another call? YES! A LOT of good benefits and OT over 8 hours a day not 40 hours per week. I actually hired in at a lower hourly rate than SSG but because of the OT policy, I averaged $100 more take home every week!!! Something to think about man.
Wow!! I am coming from Delaware every morning (About an hour in the morning to the office...err...shed! LOL). PM me your phone number and I WILL call you.