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    I have a code that is "Bad Volts sen" this is word for word
    This unit does not have any device that senses voltage drop
    All 3 legs have 480-495 volt well with in the 10% drop.
    Any ideas. It is locked out and wouldn't reset.

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    get the manual for that chiller and find out what it means.

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    Is this a micro tech 200 i was a field tech for them and had the same problem. If its a micro tech 100 then check the current tranformer

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    you probly have a bad sensor

    what is the modle number?

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    Temporarily jumper the phase monitor control circuit and see if you can clear the alarm. If it does, check setting on the monitor to verify that it agrees with the actual voltage. If you still have a problem, the control contact on the monitor may be suspect.............. several monitors were used, so, I can't be specific regarding the monitor.

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    its a alr35d and the manual says nothing.

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    Where's chillermech when do need him? You're probably having a intermittent bad connection on the MCB board. Clean terminals and re-seat wires in connector.

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    Its telling you there is a problem with the regulated power supply to the transducers. Theres a test procedure in the IM under troubleshooting power problems

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    Hey SalesSlime, I believe this is confusing due to the statement..... bad volts ratio is the one you're thinking about. I'm pretty sure the statement is an earlier version of phase/volts

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