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    Im located outside Dallas.

    In setting up this business, I have had to deal with numerous trade professionals. And I have to pay very close attention to bids/estimates and where the money is broken down. Here's an example of why.

    I needed a grease trap put in. I'm a fairly technical person, and know my way around a lot of things. Not that I'm capable of actually doing these things, it just means that I like to know whats involved. The grease trap is a good example. 10 to 12 feet of concrete cutting, dig a decent sized hole outside, pipe it, pass inspection, backfill it in and cement it up. The bulk of this work no doubt is digging that big hole and trench. I received 5 estimates. The range was from $3k to $11k.

    Fellas, thats a huge range. All i'm trying to point out is, that If i did not attempt to understand [not the technical side] the overall process thats involved and where the money is being spent, I would be a fool easily parted from his money.

    The equipment is in great shape, came out of a functioning Albertsons. Brand new one piece of this would cost over $15k. Used from a local dealer [not installed] would cost over $5k. Now, it's install time

    I only seek to be able to decide for myself if one contractor is blowing smoke or not. I'm not trying to be a refrigeration expert. The condensors will be out back in a dog house. The contractor is going to sell me a condensor/compressor for the 5 door unit and i have the original one that goes with the meat case. Yes, I agree, its a lot of work, which I'm willing to compensate fairly for it. But i dont want to be just anotha sucka. Know what I mean?

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    uhhh would that supposed 600 bucks in parts include the condensing unit needed ????????

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    How about the price of copper lately? Talk about sticker shock. Are they installing defrost timers, thermostats and pump-down solenoids? And as someone else asked, does this $6k include the new unit? I think your estimate of $600 for parts is way low. I'd be surprised if that even covered pipe, fittings and insulation. You'd be amazed at how much a 1-1/8" long radius elbow cost us wholesale. These are not plumbing fittings we're using here.

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    Being in business is tough for sure.
    You will get open in due time if you develope a trust with your contractors.

    Maybe you could speak with the local inspector and ask for a referal.
    He will know who's work he likes inspecting.

    There are contractors here on this forum who are listed in the contractors section. Maybe one is near you.

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    Your making it to hard.
    It's easy, get ten prices and take the lowest one.

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    Originally posted by cynic
    uhhh would that supposed 600 bucks in parts include the condensing unit needed ????????

    No, thats a different issue. I was quoted about $500 for that unit "maybe".

    To make a long story short, I am getting the work done turnkey by a decent fellow here. The price he quoted me is fair and I did not attempt to haggle him. I received two estimates, and they were both in the same ballpark. So that basically verified everything for me. I also spoke to another retailer here in the area who had similar work done, and the price was similar.

    It really just came down to which of the two I liked better. Like I said, first impressions right?

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    Originally posted by hvacmd2002
    These are not plumbing fittings we're using here.

    [Edited by hvacmd2002 on 07-15-2004 at 09:06 PM]
    Yeah, thats what I liked about this fellow I hired. He explains everything, even in more detail than I actually want lol. So I just yeah, yeah, yeah him He mentioned something about Type L copper. Its no doubt that these parts aren't cheap, and I know that. Not like I can run down to the local hardware store right

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    Sounds like your right on track with your installing contractor. Fine

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    Isn't "L" copper the expensive stuff from Home Depot????

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    Originally posted by condenseddave
    Isn't "L" copper the expensive stuff from Home Depot????

    not sure if you're just being funny or what, cuz i dont get it, im not sure what type he mentioned, but he mentioned it was not the same thing as plumbing copper of course.

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    Hey guys remember this guy?...He's still sweating prices.

    Tonight I performed a search of this site concerning Hussman reefers. I had a Hussman R-12 outside freeze box down and a chiller suffering low oil pressure. The Hussman box was full of product at 30 degrees and climbing, so I needed help fast.

    Anyway, I came across this josiesmarket post and tagged it to read later. After I got the Hussman started and back to -10, I googled "josiesmarket" and this is what I got. I think some of you might get a kick out of it:;threadid=1115

    It's obvious the guy got his used equipment installed after all. And he is still pestering folks about prices. No wonder Boss has an anti-price policy here.

    I love it!

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    Freezeking is on the money.......
    You never mentioned the condensing units. I seriously doubt you have "outdoor" units, as they are currently indoors. That may be where the bulk of the parts cost is. Not to mention cleaning up your system of a possible three refrigerant mixture...yuck! Ask your bidders if they are installing new outdoor units, if not they should be.

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    Hey guys remember this guy?...He's still sweating prices.

    Thanks for the research... What a tool!
    Experience is what you have an hour after you need it.

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