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Thread: Mcquay 126's

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    Mcquay 126's

    Hello all
    I have a few Mcquay 126's two of them have the OITs with no info ( Pressures, temps etc) the other I cant get up to load with the H2O above setpt and to alarms active any ideas.

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    In regards to the lack of information my initial thought is the UCM board, we had one this year that had to be replaced but we were able to steal one from an identical unit to verify this was in fact the issue.

    When you get a replacement board it has to be configured through the OITS using the Load UCM button or load it via a USB port, McQuay Chiller Tech Support can talk you through it.

    As far as your chiller that won't load up we had 1 last year do the same thing and factory had to come out to get it going, not sure what they had to do as we weren't there at the time. You may find some help at this thread especially the last post.

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    Check your load needle valve ,very small adjustments at a are adjusting piston oil bleed off rate.Does the controller say it is loading?
    .If the temps and press are blank its the ucm,if it says no sygnal the its another (problem see nyrb reply.).Need more specific info otherwise.
    The needle valves are like gate valves,and you are adjusting bleedoff rate
    to move the piston/vanes to load/unload one way of the other.See service manuel.

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