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    ok i already know mcquays are junk.ive worked on some smaller york machines and i like them and trane, but was wondering if larger tonnage york machines have compressor service valves and if anyone knows if carrier screws have an internal discharge check valves and how well they hold if pumpdown is needed to make repairs THANKS

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    you dont do a full pump down on a screw. larger york screws which uses frick compressors do not have compressor isolation valve. all the ones i have worked on didnt. it may be an option though. which carrier screw are you refering to 06n or 23xl? o6n has a check vlave and i'm sure the 23xl does also.

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    carrier or trane. carrier has economizer servicr valve which will shut off low side of system as well as discharge and liquid service valves. don't remember if trane does but i know this mcquay and york would be my last choice. we work on yorks and mcquay chillers and really don't care for them.

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