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    Originally posted by rob10
    God gave us the nuke. Why not use it. He also told Israel in the OT to totally wipe out her enenmies!!!
    Well, this is kind of off base and out of context ... but what the heck.

    Rob ... a question.

    Is that OT command still valid for today? Should the Jews nuke their enemies?

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    YES!! YES!! YES!! And, because we support Israel, we should do the same!! God does not change!! You are either of God or satan!! All muslims worship satan!! Therefore they are sworn enemies of the Lord God Jehovah!!

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    Originally posted by R12rules
    Originally posted by air1
    Support the Christian Right and the continuing bombing ministry of Jesus Christ.

    You deep man, real deep.

    you are either "A", not understanding the purpose of this thread.

    or.... "B", you are not capable of understanding the thread, so you just decided to bust righ in and give your two cents worth. Irregardless of context or relevancy.

    I apologize if I offended you R12rules. I guess my remark was intended to be sarcastic. I was trying to point out the hipocrisy of the religious right. they claim to be followers of Christ and yet have no problem killing other human beings, unless they are fetuses.

    Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven; but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven. Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?’ And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; DEPART FROM ME, YOU WHO PRACTICE LAWLESSNESS.’ (NASB) Matthew 7:21-23

    Jesus was a man of love and peace. Not of hate and war.
    "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten". --Benjamin Franklin
    "Don't argue with an idiot, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience". --Mark Twain

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    I'm sorry looks like I stepped on someone's toe's.I thought the thread was AMERICA,RELIGION AND POLITICS.You push your opinion on me I'll Push mine on you.My grandmother was told she was going straight to hell because my grandfather was bedbound and had been for eight years.She couldn't go to church "even though it was only a quarter mile away,because she had not had the help that she needed to take care of my grandfather while she was gone to church.Now she was a deeply religious person and upset her a great deal!AS DID IT ME,IF SHE WENT TO HELL FOR HER ABSENCE FROM CHURCH FOR THE HEALTH OF ANOTHER PERSON THEN I HOPE I JOIN HER.Don't push your religion on other people it only shows your own insecurities.

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    My ...... THAT went well............

    There is always someone around with a few extra words left over from a sermon they listened to as a child.
    So they go sharing from that past memory.

    Telling a woman she is hell bound due to her not attending church services is cruel indeed.

    There is more to every story, I am sure. But I dont want to go down that road.
    And trust me, you dont want to follow anyone into hell!

    Who gets into Heaven isnt based upon church attendance. It is simply based upon relationship with the Creator God.
    If someone has an active living relationship with Jesus, the Messiah, then they are going to Heaven.
    If someone is just religious, and does not also have an active living relationship with Jesus .... THE Jesus .... then they are bound for Hell also.

    As far as shoving anythig down anyone's throat .... just watch a commercial or two on the boob tube and THEN gather up some nerve to speak to me about invading someone else's privacy and shoving stuff down someone else's throat!!!
    I come to you cloathed and in my right mind.
    What comes into your home, if you have a tv, is unclothed!
    It is out of it's right mind! And it has very little relevance to your real or even imaginary needs!
    And it is vulgar in many cases.
    And it is against your views on life, the world and how you got here on this Earth!
    And it came un-invited! And you are paying good moey just to be insulted, infected and anesthtised by it each and every month!

    And when is the last time you complained to your cable company about invading your privacy? Huh?
    Yet you have the audasity to come here and act like someone has offended you agressively!
    What a lie.

    I feel sorry for you buddy. Your more than just a little bit mixed up. Your "dupont mixed up"!!! You dont have a clue what truth from fiction is.

    So dont come across at me like I was in some small way invading your world!

    You came into MY thread and disrupted a good down to Earth topic.
    If you have no interest here, then you are free to simply leave and dont let the door hit you on the way out!

    For years I have fought the heat of the roofs.
    I have endured customers who thought nothing of argueing every step of the way on a project.
    I put up with co-workers who thought they knew best when they werent even ten years in the trade yet. Some not even three. Some even less than that.
    Smart allecks all over the place!

    I have been shocked, burned, fallen, slipped, snowed on, rained on, had my person threated by idiots, been stolen from and lied to and lied about.

    And I just thought that since I believe in The Living God Who made Heaven and Earth, that maybe .... just maybe ... someone here would care to share a story or two about their true life experience with walking with God and living on the job with Jesus.

    And buddy, if this dont pertain to you. Then dont take offense ... just lurk or not. Its up to you.

    But unless you got experience with God in your heart ... you have nothing to post here.
    And I feel sorry for you.

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    Re: R12

    Originally posted by jeffkillen
    My grandmother was told she was going straight to hell because my grandfather was bedbound and had been for eight years.She couldn't go to church "even though it was only a quarter mile away,because she had not had the help that she needed to take care of my grandfather while she was gone to church.Now she was a deeply religious person and upset her a great deal!

    Jeff .... I did some thinking about your grandmother this morning.
    If she had been around my church, someone would have been there to watch over your grandfather while she slipped out once in awhile to get a break.
    My sister just spent the last several years watching over her dying husband.
    She needed a break from time to time otherwise she'd of gone nuts.
    And it wouldnt have been from her husband, but rather from not getting out of the house and being around friends.

    Everyone needs that every so often.

    I am deeply grieved that your dear grandmother did not have friends who could, would, come over and take her place every so often.
    Just so she could have gone to a church service or over to someone's home for a meal and conversation.

    Church does not save people. I hope you know that.
    And people being nice to you or being mean to you does not make a difference either.
    It all hinges upon Who you are in relationship with.

    It's all where your heart is. And if your grandmother's heart was stayed on Jesus, then right now she is in Heaven!

    There are going to be a lot of church goer's in hell.

    And there are going to be a lot of biker's in Heaven.

    There are going to be thieves and dope dealers alike in Heaven.

    There will be ministers and deacons in hell.

    it is not your position in life that makes you a resident of Heaven. And it is not what you done wrong that send you into hell.

    It is simply Whom you will trust your life to once you finally come to your sences.
    I am a good person. But my goodness isnt good enough for God to prepare a place for me in Heaven.

    In my past, I have done terrible acts which upset God deeply.
    Yet He forgave me even before I came to my sences and retreated from doing my own thing.
    He forgave me.
    Imagine that!?

    Any preacher standing on the front steps to his little congregation and shouting that your grandmother is going to hell cause she isnt coming to church .... well, I would wanted to have had a word or two with the man.

    Why didnt he see to it that someone was sent over there to take her place?
    Why didnt he have meals sent over to give the poor lady a break once in awhile?

    Why didnt he simply gather some of his little flock up and walk on over there and hold a worship service right there in the living room?
    And then ever so often come om back and have a Bible study?

    I mean ..."church" is not a building. It is not structures and chairs and windows.

    It is people. Specifically, it is the people who belong to Jesus!

    A building is just a place to rondevouz.
    Frankly, I like living rooms better than I like large commercial buildings.
    I like couches better than I like padded chairs.
    I like to meet in neighbor's homes. You get to know every one that way.
    You can see where they live, how they live. You can see if they are in need or not.

    I am greived your grandmother didnt get to meet regularly with her neighbors and friends and sing songs to her Lord Jesus.
    But since you tell me she loved Him deeply ... then she must have belonged to Him. And since she belonged to Jesus, she was bound for Heaven, in the end.

    At the first when you wrote to me, I admit I was not pleased you seem to be taking it out on me for what happened.

    I dont mind reading where someone begins a thread entitled; "Venting".
    I dont mind free speech.
    But "slander" is a whole other issue. And from what I've read so far, you are slandering a Perfect Stranger.
    One Whom you do not personally know.

    I would refraim from that.
    It serves no useful purpose.

    Again, sorry to learn of your grandmother's plight. But glad to hear she belongs to Jesus.
    I wish we all did.

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    Sorry for disrupting your thread.I, in no means meant anything personal toward you or anyone else on this site.I guess I should clarify myself.My grandmother and grandfather passed away 25 years ago,all this was laid to rest until the co-worker I was refering to in my first reply to your thread was told the story of my grandmother simply replied "Where else would she be?" You sound like a very intelligent and well-read person with a deep conviction in your belief,I respect your thoughts and admire your ability to think.Some people simply can't.

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    Jeff ... no harm done.

    Some times God speaks to me after I've said or written something.
    He did when I wrote to you the first time.

    Your grandmother is gone, but your still alive. Your the one He is caring about right now. Cause your still here.

    Jeff, I've made my decision. I belong to Him. He is my Heavenly Father.
    I cannot shake Him lose nor will He leave or abandone me.

    And with that relationship ... He talks to me somethings. Once in awhile, it's a voice. Sometimes it just a thought in my head.
    He cares about all of His creation. And that includes you Jeff.

    He knows your heart, just like He knew your grandmother's heart.
    I trust she is with Him now.

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    Is there room for God, THE GOD!, the God of Creation to come with you on service calls and installation projects?
    Do you make room for His presence where you work at?
    Do you ask Him for help in making the day go safely and to get things done correctly?
    Do you ask Him for help with "tough dog problems"?
    Do you pray for your employer? For your supervisor? For your co-workers?
    Do you make room for Him at work?
    I believe God honors our prayer requesting Divine help in our workplace.
    ME TOO!

    I don't believe that God is to be used as a crisis counselor or something of the sort. Jesus walks with me daily, I don't apologize for my beliefs nor do I hold back. I say what I am supposed to say and feel good about it after I do.

    I have at times brought up God to customers, don't know what brought it on, but just did (Holy Spirit speaking to me). After having a conversation with this or that person I feel good. I especially feel good when I have invited them to church and they actually show (happened a few times). I have a manager who is gay. I have talked with him about this before, about my beliefs and the way I feel about it. I explain that it is not him but the sin I hate. I tell him I pray for him daily that he may see the light. Do I shove it in his face? No. I expalin it and that is it. Conversation over unless he wants to speak of it, and he has.

    I thank God that someone got in my face and told me that they were praying for me. When I first started in A/C repair an office girl told me about Christ and said she would pray for me. I shrugged it off and went on. She brought it up every morning for 3 years untill I finally said ok I will go to your church. I have not looked back since. I thank her every chance I can for being so persistent.

    May God bless you and keep you!


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    I have never entered res A/C service cause of one reason or another.
    It's pretty personal going inside someone's home and fiddling with their comfort zone.

    But once in awhile, I do enter a stranger's home.
    And I usually like it.
    I'm there to help them. I am there for a purpose. I am there to serve them. To help meet their needs.

    Once in a great while I have encountered some little ol retired person who just about broke my heart. Seeing them getting ready to die and all alone, much of their time.
    And yet there is a sparkle in their eyes as they speak.

    It's moments like that which I remember the best.
    I can pray for those dying older folks.
    And .... I can help them be a little more comfortable for just a little while longer.

    I have never met Jesus face to Face. Yet these older folks are about to do exactely that!
    Maybe in a way, I am kinda jealous. Because they are going on before me, ahead of me. If they belong to Him.

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    Coolest thing happened today.

    Now I don't go into a customer's home preaching, but if the opportunity opens itself up (like someone saying hello) I will share with them.

    Today I went into this one man's home and repaired his a/c. We got to talking and the conversation turned to religion and God. He shared his discontent with religions and God in general. He also shared about his depression over his divorce (going through for 9 months now). One thing led to another and I was able to talk with him on how I felt about God, religions and divorce. I explained to him on how I felt going through my divorce, how I judge God and religions on a few peoples actions and words. I also shared with him that ther is much more to God than what he sees right now.

    By the time I was done talking with him he asked me if I would pray for him when I said my prayers, I told him we could do one better, "let's pray right now". Right there on the spot he prayed with me and accepted Christ into his heart and life.


    God bless everyone and good night

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