Before everybody gets thier panties in a wad I want to explain my situation.I can't find anyone who is willing to work long enough to learn to install a heat pump.It seems to me kid's these days are much happier flipping burgers or working at wal-mart nobody going for pro work anymore.The installation field is wide open for fresh young minds willing to put forth a little effort to learn the trade.I would love to see my son follow in my footsteps,and I'm not going to give you the same old "I HOPE HE DOES BETTER THAN ME" bullcrap,hell I hope he ends up just like his ol'man,works twelve hours a day and loves it,makes you look forward to what each day might offer.Most kid's think they can take an HVAC class in collage and come out with some kind of job prospect which they think thier ready for.You guy,s ,as well as myself know better,so what do we do for clean,smart,fresh young men willing to work toward a carrier and not just a part time or "get by" job?