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    They do make good camping gear. But, that is a totally different division that has nothing to do the the HVAC division. Basically, York purchased the Coleman name and the rights to market using the Coleman name. York also owns and markets under the Luxaire and Frazer Johnston names as well.

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    i like the looks of the new coleman echelon seies condensers...and i believe it was luxaire that had similar new design as well...they look more modern...i also like the fact that luxaire donates to make a wish foundation....and york with custom colors was not bad idea as well as being good equipment to begin with

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    Coleman 3ton system is installed. Holds 70 inside while 100 plus outside. Outside unit is quiet and inside unit could be quieter but not annoying.

    Installer welded the lineset in as promised and did a class A job install and detailed instructions to wife, caretaker and me.

    Thankyou all for your input. I've been around long enough to not care whether its high or low end. I just want it to be reliable and work. And most of your comments were positive in those categories. For this I am grateful even to those of you that don't like em. It gave me both sides of the story. You all are very professional and kind.


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