I have this “Comfort Maker” heat pump/VAV box that I have been working on. It is kind of a wierd unit that runs on 265V. Anyway, when I got to it I found one of the wire burnt off of the compressor (can't remember which one now). I disconnected the remaining two wires from the compressor and started checking resistance. I got 0 ohm's and my meter was buzzing between all three terminals. Since this is a single phase compressor, I thought that this was kind of odd. I condemned the compressor and went to order parts.

The next day a co-worker was sent out to look over the job and double check some things. (He will be helping me replace the compressor). When he checked the resistance he said that C-R and C-S added up to equal R-S like they were supposed to, and that there were no shorts. He thinks the wire may have been loose, and that's why it melted off.

I swear I got zero ohms between all three terminals. After thinking about this a little bit I am wondering if the internal overload might be screwed up and is somehow shorting all of the terminals together when it heats up. Then when the other guy got there it probably reset itself and made everything look normal. Does this sound like a logical theory? I have never heard of an overload doing this before.

I am still kind of new to the trade and to this company, and I am not sure if anyone is going to believe me if my co-worker got it working and can’t find anything wrong. I already went out and ordered about $600 worth of parts and am still waiting to go put them in.

So does my overload theory sound logical to anyone? I will probably go back there to try to force the overload into popping, but in the mean time I am looking for some more insight.