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    Newbie Here,
    Just had a couple of questions that i can't seem to find the answers to, hope you guys can give some helpful advice too.
    i'm looking to start a commercial business but i don't really know how to go about it, i was thinking of calling up corporate offices for chili's, olive garden, subway etc... and asking if they have someone maintaining their equipment and if so what do they charge and when is their contract up. but i don't know if i would even go through corporate, i'm thinking that i might need to talk to the owner of a particular business or building, or even the owner of the strip mall. also i wouldn't even know where to begin with pricing and fees etc... if anyone can help me i would be greatly appreciated.

    thank you

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    Sounds like you need to get some experience under your belt befor you bite off more than you can chew. Oh ya, no priceing questions.
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    CW is right on...

    If you had experience in this field with the proper licensing then these questions would be moot.

    Do you have plans for an experienced partner? If not, all I can tell you is it will cost you a lot of money. I work for two of the three you companies that you spoke about. I can tell you this for a fact, they all require proof of insurance, workers comp, and some require copy of license before you turn the first wrench.

    Also, we are not allowed to give pricing info in this forum. You must be a site supporter first. This site will be a great place for you to start.

    Really think this one through and best of luck.

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    I am licenced and the person iam starting the company with has a lot of experience, i just have stationary experience but we are in the process of getting our bond # and i am also looking into insurance.
    sorry about the pricing question, didn't know

    thanks guys

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    You will need to start small and build a client base slowly. We service all of the business you listed in you post , and I know you will not even get in our stores at 50% of our rate since you have no track record. The consumers would rater pat $80.00 per hour and have it fixed once than pay $40.00 per hour and have many calls to fix the thing. I would start slowly and get your feet wet first. Most times the individual managers have alot of pull who fixes the equipment in the business they run!

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    Freeze is right start slow build up a good rep. Interduce your self to the manager give a card and tell him or her your in the buis and your willing to be johnny on the spot when they need help. This is important that when they call you will be right there. This is one reason I have the customers I have. I do good work keep call-back to a min. That a real killer. All these people want to see is your a$$ going out the door with there problem fix right in a timely manor. I always go by and see if what I fixed is working or if I don't have time I call them and ask about it they like this, it shows I care about them and I am there best friend I even work on there junk at there homes. I can repair anything in the store from walkins to the coffee maker this is what they like call one guy who can fix anything at anytime day or night. I have customers as far away as 85miles. Hope your ready for 12 hr days 7day a week or have some good help. I havent had a day off without a call in 4 weeks some days are 16 hrs long my wife hate it. But i'll do whatever it takes to keep the ball rolling. Good luck
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    Chain stores like that are looking for one point of contact for their HVAC problems. They want to deal with the least amount of contractors as possible. They don't want to have 100 AC guys to call and to figure out who does what city. Who to pay.It's to big of a pain. They want large outfits that can do the whole state. One call gets them service anywhere in the state. One call gets them someone who can tell them when a quote will be sent, what was wrong out there, and how soon it will be fixed. As stated before you can't just walk up to a chain commercial store and get 5 or 6 stores. It's just not worth it to them. Start small and local.

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