Hey everyone,

So I am starting a new job. I was injured at the old one, and do to problems and differences I am leaving, and going to a new place. Here is the thing. When I got hurt the company stated that they are going to keep my tools in the owners office. GREAT RIGHT? WRONG! Apparently if people needed to borrow tools, mine apparently were great for that. Well, my old company does a lot of sub contracting for the company my father works for. So, my father know them pretty well and see's them a lot. HE offers to go pick up my tools. Well, he comes home, and I now need to make a pretty long list of missing tools, or tools misplaced with someone elses junk. Do they not think that I am going to miss my Fluke multimeter? Hello, it was only a week old too, and now it's gone. My gauge manifold has been replaced with someone elses broken ass manifold. My list of missing items, comes to a value over a few hundred dollars. Amongst these things other misc items missing, or replaced. Does someone think by placing a 30 year old pair of wire strippers, is a good trade for a newer pair of klein ones? The company will help buy you tools, why not just pick them up from the supply house? Among these things other little things are missing or replaced with crap. People say it's not good to burn bridges, but this is just one more problem to the cause.