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    Oh no....I need to eat some crow and apologize. To oncall. I was so curious as to why you got the impression you did, so I checked back to what I had written to you. I can see how you got the impression that I was looking for a buyer, and not an employee wanting to purchase our business eventually. Taking that one email alone, it does give that impression. I apologize. I just took it for granted that you had been reading all my entries.

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    you sound like very nice, straight up people. if this was 10 years from now i would jump on it, good luck.
    In the land of the blind the one eyed man is King! semper fi

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    Sometimes people just need to sit down and talk. Face to face.
    Over a meal.
    And once in awhile, even this is not enough.

    But every once in awhile, you get a couple who both click and whamo ... you enjoy communication as you never thought possible.

    But when someone skims over just what they want to hear or see ..... they end up with sketchy data. Bits and pieces of information that in it's entirety, is quite complete and revealing. But in it's partial state ... is incomplate and leads only to assumptions.
    ass u me ... no bueno

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    thank you.i was not trying to come out like i was shooting you down but trying to pass on some info that i had got from you.yes it did seem to me that you wanted a buyer.but thats cool.i wish i could do these things(work for you and build the clientel but my credit sucks so i will bow out because i can never buy this buisness.thanks

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    So what did you gys ever decide to do? I havent heard from you for awhile.

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    Sore subject with me. I worked very hard to get some resumes for him, and he hasn't taken the time to call. He is so beat at the end of the day, he just isn't interested in anymore work. I know, I know....getting help would aleviate a lot of work for him. I just don't know what to do. But to keep asking him to call them every once in a while.

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