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    Did a thorough coil cleaning of a couple of old
    20 hp singer mid temp refer units today.

    Before I cleaned the condenser coils the pressures
    were 29 low side, and 197 high. These units do
    use TXV valves, and they were cooling great.

    After giving them a good cleaning, and coils had time
    to dry out, and warm back up the pressures have
    dropped to 10 low side, and 160 high. Using R409a.

    They are still cooling good, but that seems mighty
    low, worried they will freeze up over time.

    I should not have to adjust the TXV valves, after
    cleaning, so what is up?

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    whats the box temp supposed to be, superheat and subcooling.
    pressures mean notta@!#$ thing.

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