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    Sorry to hear that. Remember never give up,`the mind is a powerful weapon. Fight hard, fight now, fight forever.
    A Diamond is just a piece of coal, that made good under pressure!

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    I dont know I will ask the doctor again on the 14th my jaw kinda dropped when I found out and he was talking about different scenarios and forms of treatment if it is lymphoma it was hard to follow. I hope all goes well for you I will pray for you
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    steve...thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family....i take stuff like this for granted,i never even thought of something like this happening as i'm sure you probably did not either...some of the places this work takes us are bad enviroments to say the least.....and i say this is even more reason for us to be well compensated for the work we do...there are all kinds of hazards with this work and something like this is one more thing for us to be aware of....hang in there steve,never give up and never give in.....fight the fight-you can do it-medical treatment is advancing all the time and the cure for this may be right around the corner..........may god bless you and be with you

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    What is a PET Scan?

    thehumid1 was wondering what a PET scan is- as far as I know (not an expert), it is a Positron Emission Tomography scan. The patient is injected with a sort of radioactive (faintly) compound bound to glucose (usually). As cells use up the glucose, positrons are released, which when they collide with electrons release energy. The machine reads the amount and location of this energy and represents the glucose uptake (therefore metabolic activity of cells). Normal cells use up glucose, but tumors/cancers are much more active and use it faster, therefore the docs can see if/where something is wrong. It is also used to look at brain activity and other things too.

    Best wishes to the two of you guys. Now, however, these illnesses are much more treatable than they were even ten years ago, so good luck and hang in there!

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    Originally posted by on-time
    Just found out yesterday that I have lymphoma
    Wear long sleves, long pants, gloves, dust masks, etc. Which is of course hard for me to do in Dallas Texas with its 130 degree attics. Also who knows how many awful virus' are on A/C coils? Prayers would be welcome. Thanks, Steve (48 years old, technician 31 years).
    Sorry to hear of this illness in your body, Steve.
    We can pray for you and your family.

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    Oh Dam, that bites Humid One and Steve. best of luck to the both of you. My biggest fear is the new freons like Puron. I hear that during human testing the mice always developed cancer. wear those cheap plastic surgical gloves, avoid that yellow looking crap at all costs. the Ozone will survive you will not.
    I also will always wonder about all that fiberglass from ductboard, I used to cut it by hand daily. on a sunny day you could see that garbage hang in the air like cancer sticks waiting to stick to the lining of your lungs.

    Once again, fight the good fight and good luck boys.
    If common sense is so common how come so few of us have it!

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    Thumbs up diseases

    Steve..just wanted you to know that you are in my prayers and I will be pulling for you to go into complete remission. My Mom was older (80) when she was first diagonosed with Lymphoma and one of the first questions she posed to the oncologist at Wake Forrest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem was "What causes this disease?" He had a rather rehearsed answer that went something like this "Right now most oncologist conclude the the increased used of pesticides and herbecides in our society seem to be the cause". This was seven years ago and many advances in the treatment and possible cure have of this disease have been made. You didn't mention if your disease was Hodgkins or non-Hodgkins lymphoma and what stage your disease was in. There are some great doctors out there and remember education is sometimes a real key to beating this thing. Keep the optimism up and you can beat it. I would not be too sure that your profession is the cause of your diesease, although it is more prevlant in men than women. There are lots of factors that play into this. I know of two other men near your age who are undergoing chemotherpy treatments at present time. Both are handling it quiet well.

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    My prayers will also be with you guys.
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    Our prayers are with you. I hope you have a speedy recovery. May God heal and bless you
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    "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."
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