carrier 34 ton rtu, two 17 ton cicuits. Replaced A circuit compressor ran for two days and grounded. Compressor was changed again ran for 1 week and grounded. I went to the site yesterday replaced compressor. Flushed system, purged two large cylinders of nitrogen through sytem, replaced LL
drier, triple evacuated and pulled system down and held at 400 microns, charged with factory charge of 24 lbs., started unit Running 300 head, 90 suction, 20 superheat,
my main problem are my amp readings. Voltage is consistent
485, 487, 487, all wiring has been checked and ohmed out
RLA is 26.5 compressor is running at 28, 29, 32 amps fully loaded can't get amps or pressures down, any ideas?????

I just got involved on the last compressor. My SH is 20
and my subcooling is 7-9, it is a TXV system. My delta accross my evap. coil I have not taken yet I can't get the machine running propperly. My oil has been fine 1/8 to3/8

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