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    I'm starting the hunt to have someone come in and blow in some insulation in my attic. I'm in Arizona and have a prefab truss roof so there is plenty of room to move around up there.

    There are some thin spots where the previous owner installed can lights and my contractor lost some while moving some walls etc..

    What should I expect to pay to have someone blow some in .. Should I have them do it above the garage as well?

    Also I had some skylights added and there are a couple 2'x2' shafts from the ceiling to the roof. Should I have them insulated as well ( I assume using the rolled insulation that can be stapled to the frame work)?

    Anyone have a good idea of the per square foot cost of this ?

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    I just had this done a few months ago to my new (to me) house. It's approx 2500 sq feet (basement and 1st floor). It ran between $900-$1000 to have it blown in the attic (guessing between 1100-1300 sq foot). By the way, they blew enough to get it up to an R-38 value (from a very low teen # R-value).

    Be sure they put something by the eve's (if they are used in venting the attic) so you don't end up with more problems. Wrapping the skylights wouldn't hurt, but you probably wouldn't notice much difference either way.

    Your milage may vary, since we don't live very close together.

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    Pay attention to the can lights. Dang things are 'tres chic' but everybody buys the cheap ones. They can't be buried because they have to vent to stay cool.

    Make a box at least 1 foot tall out of fiberglass or metal or something nonflammable to give room for heat to rise off the cheap lights or they'll thermal out off and on if you just bury them.

    Building from scratch? Buy the better light!!

    If there's plenty of room, why don't you go to Home Despot or Slow's and just rent the machine? Doesn't take more than a willingness to be up there to get the job done.

    If you pay someone, cost should be commensurate with how much you don't want to do it yourself....

    In Arizona, or anywhere for that matter, DEFINITELY wrap the skylights. Nothing like attic heat for a sidewall to radiate into your indoor air space to keep you cozy in the summer or continually running your heater in the winter.

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    A friend of mine does blown celluose, he charges $ .50 a sq. ft.

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