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    I have a question , I'm a student at a tech school , learning HVAC I'm having problems studying the information , can someone Help me , or tell me what they did to learn this career , I been going for 7 months now and I'm passing , but I want to do better , this is a new challenge for me , so any type of tactics or ways people studied this would help , Thank You , HVAC TALK ,yours L.L. ( Lost in HVAC)

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    read anything and everything here

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    Read anything and everything that might have any remote reference to this trade. Experience will put it all into perspective.
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    Get some note cards and write down questions on one side and answers on the other. Carry around about 20-25 of them with you. When you are standing in line or not doing anything go over them. Before long you will know that information perfectly. The more you know the easier it is to learn other things.

    Good luck!


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    Are you working in the field while going to school? If not, why not? this would be a tremendous help as you would be able to see the applications and not just visualize them in your head. Plus you would be getting your apprentiship time in.
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    when I got of trade school a long long time ago i couldn't of fixed a window unit,but, got a job starting at 3.75/hr (1979) doing mostly rough-ins and start-ups and wasn't long before all that mumbo jumbo started to make sense. keep the faith and stay with it, it'll all come together for you some day. ain't no teacher like experience.

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    Find you a mentor, someone who will let you tag along. Find a service company who will let you shadow a tech. Go with a tech and carry his tools. Don't get in his way but watch and learn.

    I tagged along with my HVAC instructor, he freelanced doing service calls.

    Good luck,

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    I have a question for you. How do you learn? Some people are visual, that is by reading. Some people are Auditory, they learn by hearing. Some people (I am one) are visual, they learn by seeing and hands on.
    If you are having problems in the class I would guess that you are visual. Take as many lab class as possable. If you can find someone to do tagalongs do. Keep all you books. when you get out in the field hopefully things will come back to you.
    Others have given you good advice.
    God luck.
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    Yep. Good advice.

    Find a Mentor.
    Do ride alongs.
    Buy some guys their lunch.
    Befriend a counter person at the wholesale houses in your area.
    Attend the monthly RSES meetings.

    Read thru every post in every thread in Tips And Tricks of the trade.

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    Lightbulb Here's a thought!

    Why don't you ask us questions here on this forum, about things that are confusing or eluding you, much in the same fashion that you asked this question?

    You've got 25,000+ members here. ONE of us has the answer that you're looking for.

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    Don't be afraid to ask questions to your instructors, thats what they are there for. Try and write down all the info they give you and read it as much as you can. If you goto class at night try to get on during the day with a HVAC company, maybe as an installer helper or something.

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