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    Electronic air filter vs. media

    As part of replacing an old furnace/AC combo with a heat pump/natural gas furnace combo, I'm trying to figure out the best solution for air quality.

    1. I have a quote for an electronic air cleaner, but is it really worth the premium over a good media (MERV-10 or higher) filter? The home occupants have mild allergies, but nothing that the existing media filter can't handle.
    2. What about electrostatic air filters? Are they a reasonable alternative?

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    This subject has been discussed extensively on this Board.

    My all-time favorite for any homeowner is a 4" commercial (actual depth approx. 3 1/2 inches) media filter. MERV 11 would be fine.

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    You might add to that good filter a thermostat that will circulate the air even without a call for temperature control now and then. Another option is to use a stat that has a 'fan on' setting for an extended time built into the program. You will get double duty from that. The fan will mix the air up in the house even when not calling for heat and allow the good filter to do a better job catching dust. Running the fan longer may add a couple of dollars to the utililty bill each month, but it will be worth it. I agree that throwing away a dirty media filter is the way to go. It is safer for you than being around the stuff you have to clean off the cells of electronic air cleaners. A media filter doesn't have any down-side if it is changed when it gets dirty.

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    Just watch the static increase(restriction of better filter).

    To keep it low,install like this;

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    A high merv 11 or higher 5" media filter is good. Electronic air cleaners loose a great deal of effeciency as soon as they get just a little dirty. They also emit ozone .....some people are sensitive to this making maters worse.

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