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    Re: Re: coolwhip

    Originally posted by R12rules
    Originally posted by shophound
    If you learn the outcome of that unit from the other tech, please post it here. I'm curious as to what the problem was.
    ........UH, "SCOTSMAN" !!! enough said?
    That's becoming a popular reply

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    UH, "SCOTSMAN" !!! enough said?

    I'm still tainted by the old Scotsman cubers, the kind that made the shotglass cubes. Where I work now I only got two cubers under my care; one a Crystal Tips that kicked my butt till I figured it out with help, and, yes, a SCOTSMAN! One that I picked out based on my hotel Scotsman experiences. And you know what (it's just a little undercounter cuber)? It's been a dandy.

    I'm taking it the more modern Scotsman machines aren't the same animal as the old CM's, what with the electronics and what not.

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