Tried working on an old ice machine the other day and it worked me over. I have not touched one since school 17 years ago. It was not making much ice so I added a little 502 in the system. Raised the head pressure from 230 to 260. Was told to do this by a friend which usually services it. It started dumbing more ice and I left it at that. Next day call... ice machine not working. Now the thing is not working at I turned the timer motor and it started, ran for three second and stoped. No schematic on the thing. Now, I know the basics of the ice making process and thought I would give it a go. I failed and promise all of you to never touch another ice machine.

P.S. Let this be a lesson to all of the diy home owners out there. 17 years in the trade and youd think I would be able to fix a freakin ice machine. Thanks!