State board of commerce, Insurance commissioner, Ins auditor... whoever. Find the right person and file a official complaint on their license. I got one adjuster fired that way and the lawyer got them to fold because of it. The lawyer said that I was the one who scared them. My "take it to 10 rounds twice" attitude made them think that I would cost them a fortune in legal fees and publicity.... just to spite them. It was cheaper for them to pay up. The lawyer said most people are just to tired or afraid to fight the big bad insurance companies anymore. The take the fast check and keep their mouths shut.

According to 7 different lawyers I have done research with the worst companies to file or get paid from is.... in order...
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I had Farmers. Ouch! I found out that their head for the midwest retired about 7 yrs ago and that is when they went into the tolit. His replacement is an a$$hole who revamped their whole claims process. Now its deny and screw everyone. I had no idea. Explains why friends of mine had great dealings with them about 8 1/2 yrs ago.