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    I live in a fairly new condo and I'm having some issues with my heating/cooling system. I have an Islandaire EZ Series GS. Heating is ok, but the AC is extremely loud and has a hard time cooling my unit. I have only about 600sqf and the AC can run for an hour and only lower the temperature about 0.5-1 degrees celcius. My biggest complaint is the noise though. It makes an extremely loud vibrating noise making it impossible to sleep at night.

    Another problem is the blower constantly runs when in cool mode. In heating mode, it will shutoff automatically a few minutes after I hear the heat "click" off.

    I'm looking to replace the unit, but I'm not even sure what to look for to comparison shop. Is this a HVAC? A PTAC? In-wall console? The system uses natural gas to heat and mounted directly in the wall. I used to live in a house so these combo heating/cooling units are very new to me.

    Are all these types of systems this loud? Or could there be something wrong with the compressor?

    Thank you in advance!

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    Gas heat PTACs are very rare. I didn't know Islandaire even made them. The original are the old Suburban which are still made. Not sure what to tell you to do to quiet it down.

    As for capacity, A/Cs do take some time to cool a space. Key would be to keep it cool to begin with.

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