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    I just bought a Trane Voyageur 4 ton gaspack for my house,smoking deal,brand new and has a CTI board in it already, got it for 21.00 off of EBAY and picked it up 60 miles away on my car trailer.Question is, I have a downflow unit now with ceiling return and was thinking of changing to floor return.Does this work when the supply is on one side of the room and the return on the other,I would like to just duct into the crawl space with both supply and return and free up some closet space.I guess if I had to I could use the space I have now for a duct chase but would really like to have a pantry there, any thoughts.

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    As long as it is sized correctly, opposite end location should work.

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    AC, this can work as leather say's, just keep in mind you may get a draft in the area of your return!When th RA was high you may not have felt the draft up high. Also sometimes with a floor return hot air pockets on the upper half of the room. Also a floor return may give you a lower suction pressure since the coolder air will drop to floor first. You may want a ceiling fan in certian areas to push the hot air down.
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