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get all the refrigerant lines done and connected and start the vac pump pumping as you do all the wiring.
I pull all my vacuums at night, in my sleep, the day before an install, to save time.

Don't waste 2 hrs looking for the HO's Penthouse Mags or raiding the fridge, work at least 25 minutes straight before you get in the truck and drive around some more.

Drink beer only at night and stop before morning. Save most drug use for the weekends. Carry 2 packs of smokes at work so you don't have to stop to buy more.

You can go to the next job, before the 89° home your working on is cooled to a comfy 69°.

Oh yea, if you run out of drop light bulbs, steal new ones from unoccupied rooms in the home.