OK Guys , Dont laugh, Im actually considering this, but would like some opinions if it would work...First, here is my dilema... Ive got an antique car that I only drive once or twice a month when the weather is nice...It has the original under dash hanging evap and fan unit, but everything else was discarded years ago during an engine swap...finding an original compressor, condenser, line set, pulleys, brackets,etc. is almost impossible. An entire reproduction system is available for about $1200, but thats pretty steep for a twice a month cruiser. So here is my idea ...I was thinking of running some rubber tubing under the carpet to an ice chest in the trunk, putting in a couple of gallon milk jugs of ice and circulating ice water through the evap with a 12 VDC water pump.
I know, in theory, it would work, but my questions are:#1 Will it would handle the heat load of the car? #2 If it does handle the heat load, would I have to stop at every 7-11 to buy more ice? #3 what about circulating something other than water? ( Glycol perhaps )

So does anyone have an opinon?