I like it when a plan comes together.
I quoted a new system for an ancient walk in. September. Freezer converted to cooler, or at least the equipment was. Big Amercold unit showing tubes and slappin bad. Died on Thurs. am. Unit 3 hours away. Sent guy out at 5am Friday to pick it up. Sent crew to tear out and start hanging and piping at 8. Had breakfast there at 10:30, blocking parking spaces with chairs as customers left. 10:45 unit pulls in, he has breakfast too. 11 boom truck pulls in, sets equipment and takes old stuff down. Thunderstorm rolls by at 11:40. The guys keeping working around it. I take off to run service in some of the wildest thunderstorms I've seen springing up all over. Sun shining at 47th st, raining lightning bolts at 65th. Have to rewire line to evap and unit as well. Back on line at 6.
Sometimes I am really busting with pride over this bunch.