Well, I've been looking for part-time work in the HVAC/R industry but I've found that almost all of the shops (commercial/industrial refrigeration) that I want to work at are union. I've asked around and it seems that Kansas City is a strong union town, so I'll have a tough time finding work in what I want to do somewhere else.

I'm working full-time now in an unrelated field and was going to work part-time to learn the trade (and make more money). Well, I've decided to go down to the local union and apply for their apprenticeship program. But, I've found it extremely difficult to find info about this, or any, union.

All I know is I found out what union controls the jobs, where it's located, when to show up and what documentation to bring. I don't know how the program works, if I have any chance of making it in, if there's a waiting list, if you have to have someone in the union reccomend you as an "unofficial" prerequisite, if I will just be able to train for HVAC/R or if I'll have to train for everything that falls under "pipefitting", or really anything. So I am just going to show up with my documents and see what happens.

But I think if it pays enough to support my family (and I'd sure like to know how much it pays, but can't find out) and I get in then I'll seriously consider it - just need to find out more info. Oh, and I know it's a five year program.

Can anybody give me some advice? Anything from what should I wear (I'm assuming clean-cut work clothes and not dress clothes) to what I should expect to how the heck this apprenticeship works.

Oh, and if anyone can tell me what "the approved Standards and Selection Procedure of the Joint Apprenticeship Commitee for the trades" is or where I might find them, I'd be grateful. This is the only reference the union website makes toward what to expect.

Anyone who's interested in seeing the website, it's: http://www.local533.com/training

So basically, I have no clue what I'm doing, so if you all have any advice, I could sure use it. I'm excited about getting into this field and really interested, just trying to figure out how.