As I have mentioned before I am heading up maintenance at this apartment community now. The previous maintenance staff have never taken care of the a/c's here. The units are all 7 year old 2 ton Goopmans with the air handler in the wall.

I started deep cleaning all of them and trying to get them back into somewhat decent shape and am about 90% done. IU had taken care of this one unit in particular in mid-May and the unit was great (for a goodman), advised resident to go to office minimum of once month to pick up new filter. Got a call today 5 minutes before time for me to go home. A/C not cooling, got over there and the filter was pulled out, 1" of dirt on filter, 1/2" dirt on coil and no air movement. He said he replaced the filter (after my lecture) 2 weeks ago, yea right. Told him sorry, can't do anything for you right now, you'll have to deal with it until monday when I come back. He started giving me grief and I just had to tell him he should of thought about it before 5pm Friday and a holiday weekend, should have took the time to go get a filter (they're free) when it got dirty or atleast when he took it out for that two week period.

Another one this morning calls and complains a/c is freezing up. Go see and find filter is COMPLETELY clogged. He said I went and bought this 3 month filter and it has only been two months, it should still be good.

Another one the other day, a/c not cooling well. Filter dirty on one side so resident takes filter out and turns it around. Why not, it's clean on that side!