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    Re: damn good

    Originally posted by sline-dawg
    and i think we should follow up and finish it. NUKE THE BASTARTDS.
    Where would you send those nukes? What are the coordinates?
    Give me a longitude and a latitude.

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    In this letter the Dad said that Hitler was a Christian.

    Where on Earth would anyone ever get that from?

    Hitler never made a confession of faith towards Jesus.
    Hitler never held to Christian values.
    Hitler did not advocate following "The Golden Rule"; "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."
    Hitler burned Bibles.

    Has anyone ever read anything on Dietrick bon Hoffer? He was a Christian pastor living in Germany prior to and thru ww2.
    He left Germany and went to England to warn Europe of Hitler's plans for war.
    He saw the "handwriting on the wall" ... so to speak. But nobody listened to him.

    The "Church" in Germany was weak during their post world war one depression. Even though Church attendance may have been good, that did not mean there was a strong contingent of praying disciplined believers in that country at that particular time.

    Hitler didnt even believe in God or Jehova as some of us know Him.
    Hitler was into ocult practices. He was involved in witchcraft.
    I am not disputing the Dad's letter, I am just stating one certain fact. Hitler was certainly NOT a Christian!

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