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Thread: EGGHEADS???

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    How many Big Green Egg Users out there?

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    Jan 2005
    South East Iowa

    Iowa Egghead

    I have loved mine for over 8 years. Low and slow pulled pork is out of this world. Smoked catfish dip is demanded at the local game feeds from the egg after i made some years ago.:

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    Feb 2008
    Altmar, New York, United States
    i don't own one but i have used one. i think they are good and cook evenly. for me i will stick with the old fashioned cookers. nothing against the egg but it does not seem the same drinking beer all day next to an oversized egg.

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    Houston Tx
    add me to the list i love cooking with it great what ever it does

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    Jan 2008
    Ottawa, Canada
    Green Egg fanatic here!

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    I couldn't get past the price. I live in wally world headquaters la la land so everything Wal-Mart doesn't sell is over priced at a specialty store that Wal-Mart probably owns. What should the green egg cost?
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    Can you cook ham in it and does it turn the eggs geen? Ha

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    2 Eggs no waiting!!

    I have two medium eggs and they are the best smokers AND grills out there bar none. Cook pizza in 6 minutes or smoke jerky for 24 hours.

    Once you know how to adjust them, your all set.

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    Aug 2008
    I'm an offset smoker guy myself. I have never used a green egg and with the money I spent on my new one it should last me many years.

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    I actually saw a whole pig (head on) cooked in a large green egg. They split the spinal cord in half and flipped it's hinds legs behind it's ears.

    It actually looked cool and they cooked it almost to perfection.

    The great thing about these Grenn Eggs are once you buy one you never need to replace ANY parts. I love my Weber grill but every third year I have to buy new parts or eventually a whole new grill.

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    I saw my first one recently....... dayuuum! I want one!
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    Count me in! I have 3!
    Pork Butt, Steaks (superb), Pizza, Baked Potatoes, Pies, Shrimp, Fish, Small Briskets (I prefer my offset for briskets) You name it.
    I have posted photos here from several of my cooks.
    Highly recommend it. BGE's warranty service is most excellent. Get the Large, its the most versatile. I have a L, M, and a Mini.
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    Jul 2008
    Orange Park Florida
    I am currently looking into getting a BGE. I noticed that in the large model , the fire pit is deeper and smaller in diameter than an XL. The XL has a larger diameter, but is alot shallower( from the holes to the fire grate).
    My question is this.......How much more charcol does it take to fuel up the XL compared to the large model??
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