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    Originally posted by rob10
    No, but it lessens their effect. Its sad to see a 2 year old picked up off the pavement when their parents don't buckle them down and they are ejected from a vehicle.

    kids are a separate issue.

    Hell, a 2 year old can get thrown into the windshield while you stop at a stop sign.

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    Originally posted by swat
    Originally posted by infwsdm
    Originally posted by swat
    No offense but your attitude sucks.

    F!@# off (Calm down, I'm kidding)

    You told the guy to get run over while writing the ticket.

    yep F!@# him.

    Do you have any idea how many times a year that happens?

    Not enough?

    It has happened here twice this sumer already and it is not something I would allow any one I knew to say with out a severe ass chewing and depending on who and how close I was to them an ass whoopin for being such a jerk.

    So who are you?

    The guy is doing his job. He does not choose the laws but merely enforces them.

    A few months ago a punk kid cut me off while he was changing lanes and he was driving like a "jerk". I got pissed and instead of ramming him and beating the **** out of him, I called 911 to let them handle it. They acted like it was my fault for being on the road. And I had to call three times and finally went to the police station.

    And here we have a cop pulling people over for seatbelt bull****.

    You really need to have a hell of a lot more respect for the civil servants of your community whether you like what they do or don't.

    You don't get out much do you?

    Man you just lost a ton of respect IMO and maybe it does not matter but God dang that is some ridiculous behavior you got there.

    You're right it doesn't matter!!
    I tell you what I don't consider mself the type to go around a pray and preach but some one needs to say or do somethingfor you because your mojo aint good.

    Your maturity really shines through your post. I was looking forward tosome sort of repsonce on your part but rather than stooping to your level maybe I will say a prayer for you instead.
    Ok, we will end it by me saying that I don't agree with pulling people over for the sole purpose of writing a seatbelt ticket and I certainly have no respect for someone trying to put a notch in his belt.

    If I were speeding and got two tickets I wouldn't be *****ing.

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    School Busses

    When school buses were crashed for crash testing, it was determined that children were safely restrained by the seat in front of them, and that belts didn't improve their safety. I guess small bodies + huge seat backs = You're not going anywhere.

    Common Sense Reasoning here: Suppose a kindergardener doesn't buckle up on a bus. Who enforces the issue? The bus driver? What if there are 30 kids on the bus? Make all of them buckle up before you drive? Could take a while! Cops couldn't see kids in the bus seats, and even if they could, do they write a ticket to the parents? I don't see how one could enforce this law if it were ever to come to pass. Probably one reason why it hasn't.
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    I wonder what our "Founding Fathers" would have done If? They were told they must have a rider’s license for their horse, and the horse must be registered, and insured.

    There is a fine line between public safety and personal liberty. Horses are dangerous too.

    A Diamond is just a piece of coal, that made good under pressure!

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    The newer buses in some areas around here have seat belts. It would be interesting to see the local police send a statement to another branch of the local governemnt for seat belt violations. Sounds like funny money changing accounts.
    I'd like to see one of the local building inspectors condemn the municipal building hvac where the inspector's office is located. It was built with the fresh air intakes 8' above the parking lot. There's a sign on the building that says not to run your engine! 1st time there to get a permit I also noticed that the elevator license was expired, as well.
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    Originally posted by frozensolid
    I wonder what our "Founding Fathers" would have done If? They were told they must have a rider’s license for their horse, and the horse must be registered, and insured.

    There is a fine line between public safety and personal liberty. Horses are dangerous too.
    I'm quite certain that if, on his way home from a lively late-nite visit to a ladyfriend, old Ben Franklin might have evoked the now popular Dick Cheney phrase (describing an anatomically impossible maneuver) if a local constable had detained him for an unlit carriage lantern.

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    I'm checking out this place for a possible job position in North Carolina. So the lady sends me a couple of links to the area.

    On this one site it lists what is required about wearing seat belts.

    Seat Belt Laws

    ***** All drivers and front seat passengers must wear a seat belt or be in a child safety seat.

    ***** Driver is held responsible if unbuckled passenger is under 16 years of age.

    ***** Violators can be stopped by law enforcement if not buckled up.

    ***** Fine is $25.

    So yo believe it? Only $25 for the fine? And only for NOT wearing them in the front seats?
    Back seat not required!

    What a different world!

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    Cops don't get paid enough to be treated like this, what a job.

    It does suck to get a ticket. I got one @ 17 years old on Christmas day for going 40 in a 35 in a long downhill strech.

    I am sure the cops could do somethig diffrent(prevent drugs,rape or murder),but we elect the officials who make these laws and they are just enforcing them.

    All in all is still sucks to get caught because nearly everyone speeds.

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