The reason your state and all others have mandatory seat belt laws is the Federal Government. They passed a law that a state must be a certain percentage compliant or lose federal tax dollars for Highways. It is a form of extortion. Personally I always wear my seat belt and always have, but it is my choice. I also will not let some one ride in my vehicle without their belt on.
If you don't want to wear your belt drive a 1-ton or larger vehicle they are or use to be exempt from the mandatory law.
Here in Houston the cops pull two or three patrol cars up on the pavement under the "U" turn under the freeway. When you come around to make a "U" turn they nail you if your seat belt isn't on. I have on occasion taken mine off as I go by them just to prove a point. When they do this they have a steady stream of cars pulled over and the city coffers gain much revenue.