I'm driving down the freeway minding my own business when this state cop pulls up beside me, looks at me and then slows down to get behind me so he can pull me over.

He walks up to my window and I ask "why did you pull me over"

Seatbelt, hes says.

"You pulled me over for a F@#$ing seatbelt?"

Yeah, why aren't you wearing it?

Because I don't want to, I said with attitude. That's pathetic of you to be doing this Sh@t what are they paying you m@#$er F@#$ers commission now?

Sir, I would suggest you tone it down.

Go write the F@#$ing ticket and go get hit by a car doing it!!

So he takes about 15 minutes to "do his thing" then comes back , hands me my id and stuff back, then holds the ticket and starts talking-I aint listening. I grab the ticket crumble it up and throw it on the passenger side floor. Tell him to have a ****ty life and leave.

So he passes me and pulls upside the truck I am following, cuts in front of him, pulls off the road to let the truck pass, gets behind him and pulls him over.

What kind of F@#$ing Bull$hit is that??????